how to remove mobile virus without any app

Many times it happens that the storage of our phone gets full but we I don’t know where this storage is full while in our phone not much happens and the storage gets full.

There are two times when you need to clean yourself, but after a long time, if you do not clean your storage, you will be able to clean your storage without any delete key.

This is followed by a step-by-step approach to living up to it

First of all, you have to go to the gallery, because of having most of the photos and our storage gets full, but after deleting from the gallery, it is in the album I will see that the option of Recently Deleted will come, by clicking in it you can delete the photo, this will give you a lot ..

The second step is that the companion data of the app that you use gets filled up a lot This fills up the space of our phone a lot, to click it, you will go to the file manager, the same storage will be visible above that, below that you will have to download the app. You will get the option, click that which you will click, then you will clean the data, this will give you a lot of space.

In this way, you can easily clean the true data of all the apps you have, this will clean a lot of your data.

  • clean unwanted app
  • clean recent file and app open
  • disable any app notification
  • use best cleaner app

In this way you can clean a lot of your data and keep your phone safe.

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