How to increase traffic to your blog

Do you know how to increase traffic to your blog, then I sincerely hope that after reading this post, your problems will definitely go away. Here we will give you some important information related to the traffic of the blog. We also follow these rules ourselves if you follow my given cry If you follow, I assure that within one to two months, traffic will start coming to your blog, whether it is new or old.


This post will cover the following:

  1. How to drive traffic to new blog
  2. How to bring traffic to Hindi blog
  3. How to increase traffic of new blog.

We will tell in this blog how you can increase the traffic of your blog and this topic is very important. If you are working hard but the traffic does not come.


How to bring traffic to a new blog?

You can cover the category of your blog not in the same subject but also cover other similar subjects. You can write articles related to blogging in your blog. If you write, then you can also write the information related to YouTube You can also put it. Or else you can take the one which is similar to the other. This will increase the scope of your blog and you will have many articles to write, you should not make khichdi of your blog by putting a completely different topic. When you will sit with only one subject, then from where will you get so much article, how much will you be able to write on that subject, write articles related to that subject.


2 .If you want to advance blogging in the world: If you want to earn a name with money, then do not choose free blogging like you many bloggers for free. Blog ship creates a blog with the domain. Or there are many other platforms apart from this which gives you your hosting for free. Will spend a little money and choose WordPress, here you can do a shared hosting plan of a good hosting company. And you can start your blog. When you create a blog, initially visitors do not come, then in that case you can also work with share hosting, later if your daily is 1000 or more Or if it starts spreading more than this, then you can purchase your big plan.


Chose WordPress Them

3. WordPress if you have created a blog in WordPress Choose the theme itself, do not choose a theme which is more heavy, this will slow down the blogging speed of your blog. Google also advances those blogs whose blog’s loading speed is fast, so for this your blog hosting should also be of a good company. And the theme and plugin going on in it should also be selected correctly. Use plugins as much as necessary. Because they also slow down the loading speed of your blog.


4.While writing the post of your blog, keep in mind that you write about the post about which you are posting, by inserting a post of another category Your structure becomes bad. You will try to make the structure of your blog correct in advance so that the search engine can understand. If someone searches from that topic, then your blog post is given above. Structure means the URL of your blog post should be good.


5.You should pay special attention to the title, description and URL in your blog post, put it according to your post, if your blog is through WordPress, then pay attention. You can take care of these things through the post SEO plugin. Your blog. Being user friendly also Sec friendly means that the search engine Got to know what your post is about. User Friendly means that people can understand by looking at your blog post and URL and description in the search engine, but pay more attention to the topic of the blog post.


6.If you have just created your blog, then instead of paying much attention to CO and off page technique, you should pay more attention to writing your blog. Write a blog post in such a way that if any user comes, show interest to read your post, how you have written your post, that people should understand the benefit. Only then users will stay on your site for as long as possible and this will send a message to Google that people are benefiting from your blog, Google will up your post On the other hand, if people come to your page, they immediately go back, then Google notices that you have post It is not written . People are not liking your post. And then your blog will keep going from top to bottom.


7.When we create a blog, the intoxication of raking and traffic keeps rising on us, but before this we should pay attention to writing our blog One should write in such a way that even less educated people can understand. If you do this then Google will bring your post to the top. That Google also wants that the quality of its platform should be good, it is beneficial for the people, but it is also necessary that if people search a topic, then the search engine understands it.


8.We should take behind the advance so and promotion when our blog is at least 6 months or 1 year old. Till then we should pay attention to the quality of the post. The first thing to do as soon as you write a blog post is to submit it to the Google sub console so that it can be indexed in Google and people share it as much as possible. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. When suddenly the traffic of your post will come, then Google will show maximum impression of your post.


9.Initially we should not run after cups and high volume because all the people whose authority is high, they work and your blog does not work in keywords.


How to increase traffic in Hindi blog?

If you do blogging in Hindi, then you have to write your keyword in Hindi or English or you can also write Hindi by mixing English. Let us see how you can increase traffic in your Hindi blog, we are giving some information below.


1.You should not write your blog post small, but write it as big as possible, that is, it should be at least 1500 or 2000 words. If you want, you can also write 3000 words. In the pursuit of writing a big post, you should not write wrong, right, but put things related to it in the post so that the user does not have to go anywhere else.

2.You can choose the design for your blog post yourself or some website provides images for free, or Do not post directly after downloading images, edit it yourself, write something, then post it


3. In the beginning, while buying the domain name, you keep the same name as the username on every social media platform. By doing this, you keep the username of all social profiles as your domain name, then your blog will grow bigger and visitors will name your name. If someone has made their domain name as a username in these platforms, then it will be of great benefit in the future. Please enter the URL of your blog’s home page on all your profiles, this will also provide a back link for your blog and users will read your post through the same link. This will also increase your traffic.


How did traffic come to the new blog?

Blogging is not an easy task. We have to work very hard, it takes us 6 months to 1 year to reach our blog So you have to be patient and work according to the time. This question will always arise in the mind of a new blogger that how to increase the traffic of the blog, but I am 100% sure that after reading this post, the question in your mind.


Increase traffic with keyword research

You should know that keyword research is the best way by which you can increase the traffic of your blog in a very short time without much effort. Without you You can rank on the 1st position of a backlink, which will increase the traffic of your blog, this is the right way to bring traffic, big blogger keywords They invest in doing. They look for every best keyword research.


Increase traffic with social media:

You must create a Facebook page for your website, this will let people know about your blog, by sharing your Facebook page, your The chances of getting traffic to the post increases. If you write a blog on one of the keywords, then Facebook will help if you do not have a ranking on it.


How to increase traffic from YouTube channel:

If your blog is on such a topic, which you can tell even by becoming a video, then you must upload the video by creating a YouTube channel. For example, by putting a link to your site in the description, you can send traffic to your blog, which will increase your traffic.


You can also increase your traffic by doing this : Sharechat

Do you also consider Facebook Instagram as a means to bring traffic to your blog. There are many new bloggers who do not use the new platform Do not search, let us tell you that you can share the link of your blog in the companionship. And you can increase the traffic. If you have a new blog or fact blog, then this platform is very important for you. You can post thousands of traffic on your blog every month through share chat.


You write quality content:

You yourself think that if you write an article that people do not understand or there is nothing like understanding all of them, then why would you read your article? You Write such posts whose way of telling is so good that people read your post till the end. New bloggers reduce the quality of their posts in the pursuit of writing more posts, you should stay away from making such a mistake, even if you write a post in a week but the post Write in such a way that you can get some information and be able to learn something, your post should be interested.


You write a long article:

By the way, all bloggers say that you should write as much as people can understand what you have written in words. But I do not believe this to be true. I wish that, first you choose such a topic on which you can write a post of at least 2000+ words. If you write long articles, then give some information to the people, then you will read your post for a long time so that your ranking in the search engine will be good. Another big advantage of writing long articles is that you can give complete information to anyone. This is the biggest reason why long posts rank. The most important thing is that people should like your post, otherwise no matter how big the post is, the search engine will not rank it.


Increase traffic by SEO

If you want to increase the traffic of your blog then this is the best way. All the big bloggers, 75% of the traffic on their blog comes from Google, if you want to bring traffic from Google, then you have to SEO from your blog. Such articles will have to be written, which people search, there is not much article on that topic or there is not much. In such a situation, Google will rank.


Increase your traffic by doing internal linking:

The biggest mistake of a new blogger is that they do not link from one post to another. If there is already some traffic coming to your blog, then you can link from one post to another post Link, which will increase your traffic to Google as well, every single person is reading a lot of posts on your blog. This will rank your blog on Google.


How to increase traffic of thousands from day one for free:

You need to do very little effort for this, if you watch videos in YouTube, you will know that most of all youtubers have their own website. You have to make a list of all such YouTubers and contact them, if you tell them that you will create a blog for them and you will manage that blog ki Will give 40% of the learning to YouTube. Friends, blogging is not as easy as you think. Very few people are able to earn money in this work that they are not able to get traffic on the blog Leave it. But you do not have to do this, you have to keep blogging, it will definitely take some time but after that you will get money from the blog every month. In this post, you have read about the ways to increase traffic on the blog and have come to know which are the methods. By which you can increase traffic a lot.

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