How to make a website in 15min


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Friends, How to make a website in 15min  if you have the pleasure of writing, How to make a website then you must make a website or blog. With this, you can earn good money along with giving information to people You can earn. If you do not know how to make a website, then in this article I will give you step by step information to become a website. If seen, all the people have different meanings behind creating a website blog on Google. Many people want to earn money online through the website,

Table of contents

  1. How to make website?
  2. How to make website for free?
  3. How to make a professional website?
  4. Frequently asked questions about the website?
  5. Conclusion.

There are many benefits of creating a website for free in Google. If you want to know how to make your website from mobile, then before that something related to the website I tell you the information so that you can easily create a website and you will not have any problem. That’s why I am telling you the important thing about creating a website for freethought to make a website

1. How to make website?

make website

There are many platforms to build a website in Google, from which you can create your website, some of them are paid platforms and some free platforms also. Paid website To create, you have to buy web hosting and domain name, many features are available in paid website which are not available in free website.

  • Blogger
  • WordPress

Yours For information, we want to tell that blog and website are the same thing. There is only a slight difference in it like a blog works as a website. But Not every website can be a blog.

You must know that the most important aspect of any website is its content, but it is also very important that for this you have to have a printed audience. Access the information that is easily accessible to your site May they find what they are looking for.

You can first check them well to launch your website. Whether that website is throughout optimization or not.

Select and register a domain name.

Choose a domain name that is brief, easy to remember and which can suit your website content. And some are common in top level domains.Com,,.org,.net which stand for commercial, education, education, and try new network respectively. Top level domain to your Website launch.

 First find the right web hosting for you, then suck and buy.

Select the appropriate host and it is important to also secure the bandwidth, which is necessary for the smooth running of the website. An expected only Bandwidth for key traffic is the amount of data allowed to be transferred in a given time period.

As your website gets bigger, you have to increase the bandwidth of the website so that visitors do not have any problem to see the website.So that your user experience may be bad, and they will not come to your website, there are many hosting companies that provide software from which the website is created.

Make sure to prepare a backup copy of your website files.

Also, keep a backup copy of your website file with you in your hard drive so that only you can see and edit it, host only one copy Through the Internet for others to see.

 Try to make the website easy to navigate.

If a user did not find anything needed in your website within 30 seconds then he can be able to go to your website and back to your website at any time Do not come, so it is important to organize the website properly so that it is easy to navigate from one page to another.

Validate your code.

Validate the HTML, HTML, JavaScript and CML codes in your website so that you can know that your website has all clean code and correct Internet memes have a lot of programming available for developers to do as they should. That’s kind of code and online validators does it.

Test your website in different web browsers.

Your website should be tested to confirm that its design and page structure is displaying correctly as it should.Aapko apne website ko jyada popular browsers jisme chrome, firefox, internet explorer,opera,I should see. Because of these browsers, users browse the Internet more and more. Take special care that you use SEO friendly.

Always use both my and alt tags to make your articles appear in your website not only in user search but also with your content keywords By doing it properly, your article has more chances to come in the search engine, which can increase your traffic.. to know about alt tags.

What programming do you use to make a website?

Although many programming languages are used to create a website, but here I will tell you about some important programming.

  • HTML: There is a markup language that is used for formatting the page. This will be an advanced punctuation.
  • CSS: It gives direction to the browser how to display HTML content. It is not a programming language, it is very powerful.
  • JavaScript: It is a programming language. Its called To make the website interactive, you can right click and then inspect element in your Chrome browser to see the JavaScript.
  • Ajax: There is an extension to JavaScript, which can get data from the webserver. And at the same time refresh the page.
  • PHP: It is a type of code to interact with the filesystem and the database at the server side. Finally, it produces HTML as output.

What I mean to say is that you have to know some important things about all the languages. By the way, many people have also come, which have made programming very easy. But it is most important to be clear of the basics.

 How to make website for free?

A lot of things are needed to make a website and first of all there is money then hosting and finally comes the knowledge of web programming It is important that if you have money, then you can give this work to the web developer. He will design your website according to your need.

If you are thinking of becoming a website, by which name to name the website, then you can easily create that too. There are some websites that will help you online platforms It gives you the ability to create a website without touching the coding.

I am telling you the name of some website where you By registering its website builder, you can make your website by using it. If you want to get more information, then you can ask me in the comment box. answer stupid



How to make a professional website?

 increase traffic on our website

Blogging is the best way to make money in the world of the Internet. Do you also want to create your own blog, then you can create a website for free, which you If you can start earning money online, then I give complete information about how to create a free blog and website.

There are many platforms on the Internet to create a free blog and website. We are going to tell you about those two platforms, you are a free blog blog and Professionals can create a blog website.

What is a blog and how does it work?

When you do some search in Google, you get to see many results. Which we and people like you write. They are called bloggers knowledge Share it to the people. And earn money online.

How to make a free blog a professional blog

  1. First of all download a good theme for your free blog.
  2. Make blog interface and navigation easy.
  3. Make a logo for the blog.
  4. Put social sharing button for blog.
  5. Create blog post categories.
  6. Create an account in Facebook Twitter Instagram for the blog.
  7. Blog me about us, privacy policy, disclaimer aur contact us jaise important page banaye.
  8. add custom domain
  9. Place ads by getting approved with Google AdSense

So in this way you can make your blog professional for free. Many bloggers do not get approval from Google AdSense, so if AdSense from Google If you want to get approval, then you should make your free blog professional so that the readers coming to your blog will like it.

Benefits of blogging by creating a blog

  1. The biggest advantage of blogging is that you yourself become the boss.
  2. Adsense is the biggest way to earn money in blogging. So blogging means you are working in the biggest company of the world.
  3. You can do your work sitting anywhere, it does not require any office.
  4. You can earn more money than any normal job.
  5. With blogging, you can become famous in the world of internet with money.
  6. By blogging, your knowledge increases and you become aware of many things.
  7. You do not need to spend much money for blogging by creating a blog.
  8. By blogging, you can become a circler and write a book.
  9. You can earn money from blogging through many mediums like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Product Reviews etc.
  10. Through blogging, you get a chance to help people, which is a big deal.

So friends, I think that after reading this post completely, you must have understood how to create your own free blog website. Also free blog What are the benefits of making it?

I hope you liked this post, so share it with your friends who say to create a free blog. You can work by creating a free blog and You can earn money, if you have any question in your mind, then definitely ask in the comment box, I will give you the answer soon.


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