how to repair dead laptop- खराब लैपटॉप को रिपेयर करे

  • today you read how to repair dead laptop motherboard in Many times we sit to work and turn on the laptop and it does not start, at this time we are not able to do anything because if the current laptop is turned off then If you search on the Internet, you can find many solutions, but when the laptop is not turning on, then many problems have to be faced.

                                                  Today in this post I am telling you what to do if your laptop does not turn on, you can start with this trick.

laptop auto restart
  • It has happened a couple of times that I checked these things which have been mentioned in the post, it helped in turning on the laptop. how to repair dead laptop motherboard That’s why I better share with you If your laptop is not turning on even after doing all this, then you can get it repaired.
  • It has been seen many times that we are going for some work and the laptop is not turning on, due to which many tasks get delayed, almost every user has to face this problem. There could be many reasons for this, let me tell you some tips that will solve your problem.



First of all, you should

  • check the power supply properly, it may also happen that your laptop has been discharged.That’s why you should first check the power supply itself.

  • Sometimes it happens that you have your own. The laptop is connected to some projects or any other device, so it is very important to check the connectivity.

laptop repair my


  • If some devices are connected in your laptop while turning on the laptop, then remove them like mouse pen drive etc.

  • One of the reasons for laptop shutting down can be bad hardware.In such a situation, you should get a service center jack checked.

  • Even if the battery of your laptop is old, then it is a matter of trouble for you, for this you have to change the battery of the laptop. Disconnect one of the adaptor and remove the son and put it on. Press and hold for 15 seconds. Lug an adapter into the laptop. Once done, press the button. Hope my friend will solve your problem with the tips given by me. I will keep taking similar solutions for you, you can share my post with those friends Do share with those who need this post and if you have any query in your mind then you can ask in comment box.

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