How make your hair attractive and beautiful ?

Viewing from one side hairs make our face beautiful and attractive and they play the main role to enhance our face beauty, Just once you imagine your face without your hairs how are you looking so bad, so I think you would have came to know that how our hairs are important for our face to make a moon, As they play the important role to enhance our beauty then we should also take a special care of our hairs, So let’s see some tips to make our hair attractive and beautiful

1) Combing your hair 



By reading this you would feel weird that combing, is it a tips but yes it’s one of the main tips. everyone know how to come but today you will know the best way to comb your hair,  Always try to comb your hairs when it is dry if you will comb your hair when it is wet you will have to face problem/damage of hair falls by which your hairs may be thin soon, If your hairs are Tangled then choose that time in which you have sufficient time to comb your hairs. don’t rush to comb your hair in hastiness otherwise it is fixed that your hairs will fall much more, first of all you try sorting your hairs with your fingers and then comb your hair softly.

comb your hair before washing it, it will help you take out all the dirt sitting on the surface of your head. And also after washing your hairs , when you will comb your hair it will be settled. by following this tips you can prevent cause of hair falls, If you want itching and dandruff free hairs then try to keep your comb separate.

2). washing your hair:-

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Now days everywhere air is polluted due to Lost of machines vehicles and factories. everywhere air is full of dust which direct comes and sit at the surface of our head, which is very harmful for our hair. so we should take special care of our hairs and it will be possible only when you wash your hairs perfectly so let’s see some tips:-

  •  Always use the best quality of shampoo/ conditioner for washing your hair. don’t wash your hairs with shampoo daily, in a week you may use it two times and if you are going outside daily due to your office work or some other reasons then you should wash it 3 times in week. Much more use of shampoo will make your hair dry and rough.
  • If you are confused that which shampoo is best for you then once you can take advise from hair experts.
  • Don’t rub your hairs roughly rather than you should massage your hair’s with light hands with conditioner or shampoo, then slowly slowly wash your hairs with water.
  •  Don’t wash your hairs with hot or cold water rather than you use water, which is in normal temperature.
  • Before washing your hairs you should massage oil in scalp. use coconut oil or whatever you use but try to choose the best quality of oil according to your hairs. It keeps strong to root of our hairs.
  • Oiling before wash will also help you to prevent rough and split hair’s.

3). coloring your beautiful hairs:-

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It is common for hair to become white after one age, but nowadays whiteness is seen in the hair from a very young age. So to avoid this, we use color in our hair, so let’s know the right way to color our hair.

  • Before that, it should be known that whether the graying of hair is genetic, if it is so, then you are not responsible for it and neither is your diet.

Everyone’s hair is different, suppose 2 people are using the same product of the same company, then it is not necessary that the results of both will come the same, it depends on your hair if you do not understand. Be that which hair color is best for your hair, then you can consult a hair expert once, If you are troubled by white hair, then you can use dairy products like milk, curd, egg or milk products, in which vitamin B is present in abundance, which prevents our hair from turning white, apart from this Eat meat, fish, oats and sprouted pulses.

  • Before coloring the hair, wash the hair with shampoo but do not apply conditioner, then you comb the hair and divide it into two or three parts so that the color can be applied to every part of the hair and no part can be missed. Before coloring, read and follow the instructions given in the packet and follow it correctly, Do not color the hair too much, it makes the hair lifeless and dry, you can color once in a month and if your hair fades quickly then you can color after three weeks but do not do it before that,  If you have colored your hair than Before going outside you should never forget to keep your hat or scarf with you so that harmful rays of sunlight will not fall at your hairs directly. Because harmful rays of sunlight are responsible for dull, rough and split hair and also fades our hair color soon.

4).Hair Oiling:-

If you followed the above tips well, but if you do not apply oil in the hair, then it can also cause a lot of damage to your hair. oiling keeps the roots of hair are strength and the hair remains shiny and strong. So let’s see the correct way for oiling our hairs:-

  • Whether you apply oil during the day or not, you must apply it before sleeping at night.

  • While applying the oil, massage the hair with light hands without keeping much force.

  • Do not apply oil only on the upper part of the hair, also apply oil on the roots of the hair.
  • If u can’t apply oil in hair daily than apply it at least 2 or 3 days in week.
  • Always try to use natural and best quality oils such as coconut oil, Bajaj almond drops oil etc. you can also choose it according to your hair.

By keeping these small things in mind, you can make your hair shiny and strong, if you are careless about your hair, then leave this habit and follow the tips given above.

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